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Flatfoot surgery

Tendon repair, transfer

Revisional surgery

Ankle stabilization for chronic instability

Sports medicine / Injuries

Arthritic foot and ankle surgery including joint replacement and fusion

Endoscopic foot surgery

Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery

Pediatric foot problems

Bunion repair

Hammertoe correction

Diabetic foot problems

Nerve surgery (neuroma removal, tarsal tunnel release)

Removal of bone spurs

Removal of masses, ganglions, and lesions

Foot Orthoses (Orthotics)

Office, out-patient, and in-patient surgery available

Diagnostic Imaging

We offer a variety of diagnostic imaging services on-site including: digital x-rays, ultrasound, vascular testing and more.  



Choosing the right doctor to perform your surgery is one of the most important decisions you can make. Important considerations include your surgeon's experience and skill, how you work with this doctor, how convenient he is located, and if you trust your surgeon.

Do you know the right questions to ask?

Do you feel like your doctor answers all your questions? Does he provide information in a way that you understand? Do you feel comfortable asking all of the questions you have?

Have you explored non-invasive alternatives?

In many instances, therapy and other forms or rehabilitation can be chosen as a first line of treatment. Surgery should be chosen when these alternatives  do not provide the necessary relief, or there are no other good options.

Is your doctor located in a place you can get to easily?

Having a qualified local doctor perform your surgery is not only more convenient for you, but it can often improve your rehabilitation from the surgery. Your doctor will be there to guide your rehab, and he can help if you do encounter any problems after surgery.